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A new way to collaborate for social good using emerging technology.
The impart platform is built for teams on the ground helping communities in real time.
For pandemic relief and beyond. We're all in this together.

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Created for Social Good

The impart platform was designed specifically for nonprofits, philanthropic corporations, NGO's and government agencies alike, but has capabilities for all teams, big and small. Collaboration is key to solving large scale human problems.

Made for Collaboration

The impart platform utilizes emerging technology to support real time collaboration in the field. During this pandemic, and beyond, communities will need support and strong collaboration from agencies. We're all in this together.

Evolving for the Future

The impart platform aims to support social good for years to come. Ever evolving, our goal is to support team collaboration for the challenges of today, while focusing on the future of relief efforts for tomorrow.

Collaborate With Us

Looking for Beta Testers

We're currently seeking nonprofit and philanthropic companies to collaborate with us to test our new product. If you are interested in being a private beta tester, and meet the requirements below, please contact us.

Be either a registered nonprofit or a corporate philanthropic company headquartered within the United States.

Have an organizational focus on Covid19, disaster relief, PPE, hygiene kits, food logistics, homeless support, or education.

Must be interested in optimizing your organizations impact, in real time on the ground, for the betterment of communities.

Tell us your story. Share how you and your team are currently supporting communities. We'd love to know more about what you do!