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Welcome to Intention Labs, we are
a socially driven, inclusive creative agency crafting digital products for startups, small-medium businesses, and enterprise companies.  
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Human Centered Approach

We are a human centered agency, focused on directly shaping the usability, functionality, and overall success of the products we build by listening to our clients, their customers and staff. A user-centered approach not only enhances product usability, but also fosters empathy and inclusivity, ensuring that technology serves diverse populations equitably.  


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User Research
User research is the compass guiding the creation of meaningful digital experiences. It's the key to understanding users' behaviors, needs, and preferences, unraveling insights that become the foundation for intuitive design and seamless interactions. Through methods like interviews, surveys, and usability testing, user research unveils the hidden pathways to user satisfaction. Starting your project with research helps to unlock user-centric solutions, ensuring that every click, swipe, or tap resonates with purpose. User research is the empathetic foundation upon which exceptional digital experiences are built.
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UX/UI Design
UX/UI design, short for User Experience and User Interface design, is the user centered focus of creating digital experiences that are both user-friendly and visually appealing. UX design focuses on enhancing the overall experience users have while interacting with a product or service, ensuring it's intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable. On the other hand, UI design is concerned with the look and feel of the interface, including elements like buttons, menus, and color schemes, aiming to create visually engaging and cohesive designs. Together, UX/UI design aims to optimize the interaction between users and technology, resulting in seamless and meaningful experiences.
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We offer tailor-made solutions to elevate your brand and drive success. Development involves the process of building, coding, and programming software, applications, or websites to bring digital ideas to life. It encompasses tasks such as writing code, designing databases, and creating functionalities that enable users to interact with digital products. Development can range from creating simple websites to complex software systems, with developers employing various programming languages and technologies to achieve desired outcomes. Ultimately, development plays a crucial role in transforming concepts and designs into functional and operational digital solutions.
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Grant writing
Our grant writers use their expertise in research, communication, and strategic planning to craft persuasive narratives that demonstrate the significance of the proposed project and its potential impact. Successful grant writing requires careful attention to detail, knowledge of funding guidelines, and the ability to effectively convey the project's merit to potential funders. Ultimately, grant writing plays a crucial role in securing financial support for important endeavors in your organization, across various fields, including research, education, healthcare, and community development.
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Technical writing
With a keen understanding of diverse industries and technologies, we craft documentation that bridges the gap between experts and end-users. Whether it's user manuals, API guides, or software documentation, we specialize in distilling intricate technical concepts into user-friendly materials that empower your audience. From startups to established enterprises, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring that every word serves a purpose and every message resonates with clarity. Trust us to elevate your technical communication to new heights.
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Product Audit
Audits involve a comprehensive examination and evaluation of existing digital products, such as websites, applications, or software systems. Through a systematic review process, audits assess various aspects of the product, including usability, performance, security, and overall functionality. By identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, digital product audits provide valuable insights to stakeholders, helping them make informed decisions about optimization, enhancement, or redesign efforts. Ultimately, these audits aim to ensure that digital products meet user expectations, industry standards, and business objectives, leading to improved user experiences and overall product success.
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